Thermo Change full weld heat exchanger (Bloc type) makes it possible to achieve the same heat capacity in less space compared to Shell & Tube heat exchangers. In various industries such as oil, gas and petrochemicals, due to the large amount of equipment used and lack of space, the use of this type of heat exchangers can be very important.

Many of the oil, gas and petrochemical companies are trying to improve the existing processes in their production and replace the obsolete equipment with new technologies in order to increase the efficiency of their system.

One of the available methods to increase production efficiency is to use block type heat exchangers instead of shell and tube type.

Although shell and tube heat exchangers are still used in many industries due to conservatism and unwillingness to change old systems, but in the last 25 years, due to the advantages of bloc type heat exchangers compared to shell and tube type, use of this type has increased rapidly.

The main components of block type heat exchangers and how the fluid circulates are shown in the figure below.

مبدل های جوشیbloc type

This type of heat exchanger has the highest price among welding heat exchangers. The absence of washers between the heat transfer plates and the ability to clean both sides of the converter are features that distinguish this type from other welding converters.

Block type heat exchangers are mainly used when the process temperature and pressure are not in the range of gasketed type of heat exchangers and also due to the high deposition of two fluids, both sides need to be cleaned at regular intervals.

In this type of heat exchangers, the temperature of the two fluids can be brought closer to each other by 3 degrees Celsius.